Dementia Care Power Training

Beneficial for families and professionals
A Two-Hour Online Workshop
Wednesday November 4th: 
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12 pm est / 11 am cst / 9 am pst
or 7 pm est / 6 pm cst / 4 pm pst

Improve Your Life and That of Your Loved One by Learning Vital Strategies from Leading Dementia Care Experts 

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What You Will Experience
During this Two-Hour Online Training

Receive high-level training from leading experts in the Alzheimer's and dementia community whether you’re a family member or professional, and from anywhere you choose to watch.

This dementia care power training will help enhance your skills and teach you strategies you can use immediately to improve the well-being of those you care for as well as yourself!  - Mike Good, Together in This

  • Techniques to maintain your health, sanity, and strength
  • How to look past the behavior and see the person
  • Strategies to remain calm in the face of anger, anxiety, and aggression
  • Redirection, distraction, and the ability to embrace someone's reality
  • How to increase positive communication with people who have dementia
  • Tips to recognize your limits and enlist an army of help
  • Best practices to maintain happiness by finding the joy and healing in caregiving
  • How the BREATHE mnemonic can be used to understand behaviors
  • Strategies to recognize and address caregiver burnout / compassion fatigue
  • Ways to improve communication and quality of life for care partners

Our expert Presenters

Susan Macaulay

My Alzheimer's Story

Susan is a dementia care partner and advocate for her mother, Patty, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2006. She’s also a certified Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care trainer and coach.

Barbara Worthington

Caregiver Cards

Barbara was a caregiver for her own father and both maternal grand parents who lived with Alzheimer’s and related dementia. She has degrees in Nursing and Health Education.

Rachael Wonderlin

Dementia By Day

Rachael is the director of a memory-care community. She has a masters in Gerontology, is a certified Alzheimer's support group facilitator, and is an advocate for positive dementia care.

Maryann Makekau

Hope Matters

Maryann is a caregiver for both her mother and father. She operates memory cafes to promote inclusion and the arts. As an author and speaker she provides inspiration and guidance for families coping with Alzheimer's disease and other difficult journeys.

What People Say about
Together in This Training Workshops:

“I got some great ideas for my programming of our
dementia unit at work.”
- Karen, Dementia Care Coordinator
“Great information. Thank you for explaining it in "real talk". Looking forward to much more.”
– Lisa, Care partner for her parents
"Thanks so much for this week’s webinar. It was so informative and I loved the informal style – so refreshing. Thanks for all that you do to bring the webinars to us."
- Lesley, Dementia care professional
"Thank you for this webinar. I would love to be notified of others you have. I find you delightfully sane and reasonable."
– Bambi, Caregiver to mom for 10 years
"EXTREMELY helpful for me.”
- Marshall, Senior Care Professional
"My husband and I are going to visit his father. He is now struggling with dementia. This has been very helpful. I hope it is recorded. I would like other people to listen to it!
- Kathy, caregiver for her father-in-law
"Thank you for this informative and personal webinar. Always appreciate the sharing!”
- Cheryl, Certified Dementia Care Practitioner
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Dementia Care Power Training

Beneficial for families and professionals
A Two-Hour Online Workshop
Wednesday November 4th:
Choose your time:
12 pm est / 11 am cst / 9 am pst
or 7 pm est / 6 pm cst / 4 pm pst